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Service Area
Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma, & Louisiana

Site Preparation, Installation, & House Leveling

When you purchase a manufactured home, it's important to have it placed and installed correctly. This is an involved process, but a licensed installer, such as MAGNUM HOME SERVICE, can have your site properly prepared and your home installed quickly in Dallas, and throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Our Process

We start by meeting you on-location and providing a site inspection to catalog all the work that needs to be done for a proper installation. Next follows preparation and site work. Our teams will bring in any dirt necessary to grade the site before installing the foundation. Once your foundation is in and utilities are on-site, we can pick up the house from the factory, deliver it, and install the home; this includes locking, house leveling, and tying it down. In addition to our installation service, we also offer re-leveling when the ground shifts.

Delivering Manufactured Home

Site Inspection

During the inspection process, we'll inform you of any changes you need to make before your house is placed, such as moving trees or other features. You can do this yourself—if applicable—, hire another professional, or we can do it for you. Following the inspection, we create the dirt pad for the home and create the foundation where the installation will take place. This process typically takes one to two days.

Our team is licensed and insured to work in all three states we serve, which ensures the best possible results for our customers and the dealership selling the home. If we run into a problem, we have the equipment to provide our own backup and ensure an on time installation thanks to a fleet of diesel trucks that can move homes to and from dealers and sites. We also communicate closely with all parties involved, so there are never any surprises and you always know exactly what to expect. Contact us today to get started.